December 05, 2008
New tracks and upcoming live performance
Interlace will perform at the ElectriXmas event on the 13th of December in Malmö, Sweden.
Two new Interlace tracks are now available at

October 12, 2006
Studio time
After returning from their Phoenix Tour, Interlace entered the studio to continue preparations for the third phase. Substantial progress has been made by now, and although preliminary release dates for new material are yet to be announced Interlace would like to let their followers know that there is indeed activity under the surface.

April 12, 2006
Back in Sweden
Interlace are back in Sweden after having concluded their Phoenix tour in South East Asia. Performances were made in the Philippines and Singapore, whereas the scheduled concert in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia was cancelled for political reasons.

March 17, 2006
Official tour dates for Interlace Phoenix Tour
March 24: Manila, Philippines [Underground]
March 25: Manila, Philippines [Absynth]
March 27: Manila, Philippines [Absynth]
March 30: Singapore, Singapore [Homeclub]
April 1: Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia [SAX Club]

March 05, 2006
Interlace on Phoenix Tour in Southeast Asia
Interlace are touring Southeast Asia 21st of March to 3rd of April. The tour will include shows in Manila, Singapore and Kuala Lumpur. Dates to follow.

February 24 , 2006
Kenji Siratori reviews Interlace
The uncompromising cyberpunk writer Kenji Siratori, author of Blood Electric a.o., graces Interlace with a review:

"Interlace deconstruct the abolition world-codemaniacs mass of flesh-module of a chemical=anthropoid with the era respiration-byte."


--News Archive--

October 20, 2005
Northern Storm
Interlace will headline the Northern Storm festival in Leipzig, Germany on November 5. Also performing are Run Level Zero, Necro Facility, Basswood Dollies, Painbastard and Tank.

June 14, 2005
Design for a New Breed back online again
The website has been down for a while during a change of domain hosting. As of today Design for a New Breed is up and running again. Check back soon for the latest Interlace updates.

January 10, 2005
Interlace nominated for SAMA 2005
Interlace has received two nominations for the 2005 Scandinavian Alternative Music Awards (SAMA): ”Best Scandinavian Artist” and ”Best Scandinavian Song”. You can cast your vote at until May 13.

Interlace at the Get Electrofied Festival
will perform live at the Get Electrofied Festival at Kulturmejeriet in Lund, March 19. More information is available at

September 04, 2004
Master appears on the charts
The new single Master is now topping the NAC, has entered DAC and appears as DJ Bullet on DUC.

September 03, 2004
New single out now

Master is a first glimpse of the new album Imago. As well as three club-oriented remixes of Master, the single also features the industrial track Boiler Room. A sample is available on the Discography page.

April 18, 2004
New album

Interlace have finished working on their new full-length album Imago. It is descibed as a one hour journey of progress and evolution that reflects both inner struggle and harsh reality, culminating in the birth of the clone -the beginning of the second evolutionary phase. This process is interpreted by artists Dave McKean and Teiaiel who collaborated on the cover design. The release date of Imago is set to the end of September.
Samples are now available on the Discography page.

January 06, 2004
Interlace voted best newcomer
Interlace recieve the "Best up and coming International act of 2003"-award from the Australian magazine Fiend.

November 23, 2003
Upcoming livedates:
April 02, Interlace at SAMA, Swedish Alternative Music Awards, Gothenburg

September 29, 2003
Interlace on German tour with Suicide Commando

24, PC69, Bielefeld
25, Factory, Magdeburg
26, Columbia Fritz, Berlin
27, Backstage, Munchen
29, Batschkapp, Frankfurt
30, Spot, Erfurt
31, Bunker, Dresden

01, Tivoli, Bremen
02, Zeche Carl, Essen

September 11, 2003
Interlace and Z Prochek at Club Metropolis, Denmark, 13/9
Visit Club Metropolis for more info.

Aug 29, 2003
Under the Sky
remix appears on Cyberl@b 4.0
Visit the discography page for more info.

Aug 01, 2003
Interlace remix on Silent Hill 3 Soundtrack

"Master of Horror" Akira Yamaoka is renowned for his truly unique soundtrack for the Silent Hill game series for Playstation, Xbox and PC. On the release of the the Japanese version of the Silent Hill 3 Soundtrack Interlace appears with a remix of Yamaoka's song Rain of Brass Petals where they have turned the song into a lyric track.
Read the complete press release here...

May 5, 2003
Both versions of Under the Sky now in stores
Under the Sky
Original Version (MCD)
Under the Sky
European Version (CD)
Find out more on the Discography page.

Apri 05, 2003

Interlace was the audience choice and nominated in the Best Newcomer cathegory of 2003 year's SAMA - Scandinavian Alternative Music Awards.

February 1, 2003

"Rarely have we at Dependent all been so excited about a band as we are about Interlace"
Interlace has been sub-licensed by German Dependent Records, home of e.g. Velvet Acid Christ, Suicide Commando, Seabound, Sulhper and Babyland. It was during their years at Dependent that Covenant and VNV Nation went from promising acts to established stars in the European electro scene. Dependent now hope to repeat the success with Interlace, suggesting in the press release that Interlace will be "The Next Big Thing".

--- 2002 ---

Interlace remixes Implant

Visit the discography page for more info.

Soul of a New Machine appears on new compilations

Visit the discography page for more info.

Photos from Malmofestivalen online
Teiaiel shot some great photos at this year's Malmofestivalen. Have a look at the pictures here.

Innuendo jewelcase
The limited digipack edition of Innuendo is sold out. The jewelcase version is now released, with new artwork based on the incubator.

Newcomer of the season
Interlace is awarded newcomer of the season in Side-Line n°40! Innuendo is ranked #2 on their top 10 of the season-list, and in the issue you'll also find an exclusive Interlace interview.

Visit the Memento Materia shop to have a look at the new t-shirts printed with silver on black.

Innuendo released!
The first Interlace album, Innuendo, is now released!
Visit the Memento Materia shop to get your hands on a copy.

Interlace newslist
The Interlace newslist is up and running. Just fill in the form and you will recieve the latest news about concerts, releases and updates.

Samples from Innuendo
Mp3 samples from Innuendo are now online. Download and listen!